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Harlech Engineering began designing press tooling in 1963, Our Oven door catch tooling was fully designed and built inhouse to the highest standards and aside from wear & tear is still in operation today.

Since then Harlech has designed and prototyped various jigs, press tooling and helped in prototyping & designing components for high volume production for various industries including automotive and medical sectors.

Harlech has designed and produced multiple jigging systems for our inhouse vertical CNC machining centres that allow us to undertake high volume production of components for the Automotive and medical sectors.

Maintenance: - Tooling manufactured in house is maintained FREE of charge as long as production is carried out at Harlech.

Tooling Cost :- Harlech is able to offer large discounts, Part tooling cost, or amortise tooling into component cost. As long as production is carried out at Harlech.

The complete Sub-contract solution, Design and development, Prototype manufacture, Tooling jig and fixtures, design and manufacture, to volume production., delivered at the right price and to the highest quality standards. 

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